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Sunday, June 23, 2019

A Stitch in Time

It's been eight days since my Parkinson's DBS battery replacement surgery, and I have a follow-up appointment in Tucson. We overslept, so we quickly got ready and left Yuma at 7:15am. We had an easy drive with very little traffic. We had a very short visit with Mr. Brooks in the VA Hospital, then drove to Dr. Norton's office. 

I usually take my half a carbi/levodopa tablet AFTER I have my cereal with milk, but today, because we slept late, I took it on an empty stomach and I was now having noticeable dyskinesias in both feet. 

When I checked in, I was told I had no co-pay. That was a pleasant surprise. 

The Center had an Alzheimer's Awareness Month display with purple balloons, purple ribbons and purple frosted cupcakes. Another surprise.

We hadn't had any breakfast and we were hungry, so Wonderful Hubby and I each grabbed a cupcake. I ended up with purple frosting on my hands and face. No surprise there.

I was in the restroom trying to wash it off, when I heard Dr. Norton call my name. Yes, he comes out to the waiting area to get his own patients!

I hurried out and Wonderful and I walked back to his exam room with Dr. Norton. 

"Did you get your device?" Dr. Norton asked.

Device? I'm thinking to myself, what is he talking about? Then it dawned on me, he was asking about my old IPG. Yes, I said, I got it that same day.

"I see you are having some dyskinesias" Dr. Norton said.

"I told you he'd notice" Wonderful said.

As I sat in the exam room, I asked Dr. Norton if all his DBS surgeries are as humorous as mine. 

"Only yours" Dr. Norton says, chuckling, "only yours." 

Wonderful says,"I was stuck out there in the waiting area worrying, and you guys are having fun, it's not fair."

Before Dr Norton removes suture

Dr. Norton snips the knot off one end of the suture and grabs the other end with tweezers and gives a gentle pull. It comes right out. He holds up the 3-inch long piece of blue suture and says, "looks like fishing line, doesn't it?"

He grabs his Medtronic DBS programmer, checks everything and asks me if I want him to lower the settings to calm my dyskinesias. 

After suture is out

I say, no, I'll be fine after I eat. 

I tell Dr. Norton to check out the blog stories, he says he will, and we are done. 

YumaBev & Dr. Thomas Norton

As we are walking out, he says "I'm here if you need me, if not, I will see you in 15 years." 

That's a deal, I say. 

On our way home, I manage to pull off the highway and snap a picture of a saguaro cactus that looks like it's waiting for a hug. A very nice surprise.

The Hugger Saguaro

We got back home at 6:15pm: a 475 mile, eleven-hour day for a 10-minute appointment. Was it worth it? YES. No surprises there. 

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  1. Hi there, I got a DBS rechargeable battery two years ago for my depression. I find that the wire breaks out of the long grey part right above the screen. I hope they have made it more durable and you won't have any troubles with it!