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Monday, June 17, 2019

I Could Have Waited...

I could have waited to schedule my DBS for Parkinson's Medtronic IPG replacement surgery. My battery was still at 2.57V and it might be months before it dropped to 2.20V and stopped working. Then again, it might drop really fast. It's the unpredictability that bothered me. 

Back in January of 2019, when I realized it would need to be replaced soon, I would have been thrilled if "soon" was in June or July. Why? The days are longer. You see, Wonderful Hubby would have to drive me back to our hotel room after surgery, and he can't see to drive in the dark. If I could just hold out until mid-June, we'd be okay. 

I was getting tired of putting off any kind of travel or vacation plans and tired of checking my voltage level daily. So, I got ahold of Vanessa, Dr. Norton's assistant and asked if anything was available mid-June or later. She said how about Thursday, June 13th? I could have the Noon time slot and should be out of there by late afternoon. June 13th?? Well, at least it wasn't Friday the 13th. I said okay. 

It's now June 12th, we'd driven over from Yuma earlier (240 miles,) visited our friend Mr Brooks in the Tucson VA hospital, filled up the gas tank in our car, had a early dinner and now we were relaxing in our room at the Varsity Club Resort in Tucson. Believe it or not, we got a one-bedroom suite at a better rate than the other not-as-nice hotels near Tucson Medical Center. 

Wonderful Hubby relaxing.

We were watching the movie Grumpy Old Men on TV. I'd forgotten how humorous this movie was. I was laughing so hard, I almost wet my pants. 

We went to bed early, and had the alarm set for 8am, since I had to be at the hospital at 10am for replacement surgery at Noon. I was sleeping really well, cell phone started playing music very early in the morning. 

I have different ringtones for my various groups of contacts: Kodachrome for Camera Club, Friends in Low Places for neighbors, Little Red Corvette for Corvette Club, Lime In The Coconut for Medical and Shake, Shake, Shake Your Booty for Parkies.

My phone on the nightstand next to me was playing Shake, Shake, Shake. I groggily answered hello.

"Hi, this is Stephanie, have you left yet?"

What? I mumbled.

"This is Stephanie, from Tucson Medical Center, have you left Yuma yet?"

What?? Huh?

Slower and more clearly "This is Stephanie, from Tucson Medical Center, Dr. Norton is sick, he's canceling all of todays surgeries. Have you already left Yuma to come to Tucson? He wanted me to catch you before you drove all the way over here. That's why I'm calling you so early. Have you left Yuma yet?"

Dr. Norton sick!? Now, I'm wide awake. Hi Stephanie, we are already in Tucson, at the hotel just down the street from the hospital. We came yesterday. What's wrong with Dr. Norton, is he okay?

"You are already here? Can I call you back in a few minutes?" 

Sure, no problem.

Phone rings five minutes later. "Hi Bev, I just talked to Dr. Norton, since you are already here and it's just a battery change, he's going to go ahead and do your surgery. He cancelled the others. He came down with a bad cold yesterday evening. He said he'd double mask, so you won't get sick. Can you be at the hospital at 9am, he'll do you at 10am?"

Sure, I said, by the way Stephanie, what time is it?

"5:45 she said."

I was beginning to wonder if I made a mistake choosing the 13th? And I was worried about Dr. Norton. But we got up and I got ready. I had planned on putting my hair in a single braid. I figured it would keep it out of the way, but my fingers wouldn't cooperate. I went downstairs to the front desk, hoping maybe there'd be a lady on duty, but there was a man. I checked the fitness room, just men. I went back to the room and asked Wonderful Hubby if he could braid my hair. 

He said he'd give it a try.
Who knew Hubby could braid hair?

The phone rings at 8am, it's a Tucson number. It's the hospital calling, they want me there as soon as possible, so Hubby eats a quick breakfast, and I drive us there. 

Maybe I should have waited......

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