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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Cell Phones, iPads, Tablets, Laptops, YumaBev...Things That Must Be Charged

It's been four weeks since I had my Medtronic DBS for Parkinson's disease IPG (battery) replaced with a rechargeable version. The incision is completely healed and all the bruising is gone. Dr. Norton cut right along the previous incision so there's still only one little scar. In my opinion, it looks better than before. 
New rechargeable IPG

It certainly doesn't protrude as much as the previous non-rechargeable unit, and that is a good thing.


What else is different? Not much, except now I have become just like all of my electronic devices: I have to be charged regularly. 

My male friends have warped senses of humor and have suggested hooking me up to a Jump Starter or perhaps adding a super-charged turbo to it. They've also wondered what would happen if I got Tasered (I hope I never find out.) This is what happens when you hang out with car guys who are retired FBI, Military and Police, but they sure do make me laugh. 

The screen on my Patient programmer looks different. Instead of a screen showing the battery life in Voltage, it shows a percentage of how much charge I have left (much like Wonderful Husband's tablet.)
I have 75% charge left
I keep all our chargers in one spot. I keep my DBS Patient programmer there too.

Cell phone & tablet chargers & patient programmer

Now I just added the DBS charging system. It is kind of bulky. 

DBS charging system on the left

Medtronic provided me with a carrying bag. It might work okay, if you take out all the manuals and extra items you won't ever use, but it's bulky.

Medtronic DBS carrying bag

So, I did what I do best! I went thrift store shopping and found a cute little soft-sided bag with a zipper top for less than a dollar. 

YumaBev's cute little 'Charger' bag

Everything fits with room to spare and since it's see-through, you can easily to find whichever charger you need.

Plus the new little bag with everything in it only weighs a little more than the empty Medtronic one.

I'm all charged up and ready to go, just like the Energizer Bunny! 

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  1. Your stories and posts are wonderful. You are providing a real service to us Parkies and everyone affected by PD. Thank you!