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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reflections of me at 25 and 52

Today, March 8th, 2012 is my 52nd birthday.  I woke up at 4:44 am and I was born at 4:44 pm.  I started thinking about my 25th birthday and how much my life changed that one year.

I spent most of my 25th birthday alone and crying. The boy I was dating had dumped me the night before and then everyone forgot my birthday. Everyone.  I didn't blame them, my Mother had died 6 weeks earlier, so no one was thinking about me.  Life was awful, my husband had died in a fiery car crash two years earlier and then I watched my Mom slowly die of lung cancer.  I wished I was dead, too.  

My Mother came to visit me in a dream that night. She scolded me and told me to shape up and get on with my life.  It was very real, like she was standing right there, so I went to counseling, gave up my apartment and moved back home with my Dad, found a new job and started taking some college classes.

A couple months later I ran into a male friend that I hadn't seen in many years.  Our friendship took up right where it left off.  We enjoyed being together. One day, I asked this friend if he would ever consider marrying me. He said Yes, but thought we should at least date first. We did.  We got engaged on July 24th and married on December 14th.  

My Wonderful Husband and I have been together ever since then.  My 25th year started out in tears and ended in love.

Tonight will be a full moon, my 25th birthday was also on a full moon.  I went outside early this morning and snapped pictures of last night's moon as it was setting.  I don't remember seeing the moon years ago, but I am sure I did.  

As I came back towards the house (in my jammies and slippers with 2 coats on), this sight greeted me as I walked up to my door.  My neighbors had gone to the trouble of making a Happy Birthday Bev! banner and hung it on my porch, then they put slinky's in the bushes.  I don't know when they did it, but it must have been very early.

When I turned on my computer and checked my emails, Twitter and Facebook, there were lots of birthday wishes.  At 8 am, I climbed back into bed and snuggled up to my Wonderful Husband.  I think that this year is going to be a very good one.

Thank you for reading this story, I hope you enjoyed it. This is just one of a hundred stories in my book, Parkinson's Humor - Funny Stories about My Life with Parkinson's Disease. Please consider purchasing a copy from or your favorite online book seller. Thank you and have a Happy Parkie Day!


  1. You are so loved and you share so much of your beautiful self with others. Probably something you didn't do as much as at 25! That is how, I hope. I am also hopeful that cure will come and we will be able to celebrate before many more of your birthdays! Love to you, Bev - Linny♥

  2. Wow, I don't know what to say. Hugs and thanks for sharing. :) Debbie

  3. Thanks for sharing this. It is a reminder that things can get better even when there seems they won't.