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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Parkinson's Disease Aware In Care Hospital kit

When I first heard about the Parkinson Foundation's Aware In Care kit, designed to help Parkinson's Disease patients get the best possible care when hospitalized, I ordered one right away, then I shared the ordering information on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

My kit came a few weeks ago.  I looked it over and decided it was important, so I showed it to my neighbor, Carole, who volunteers at our local hospital as a patient advocate.  She ordered one and plans to talk about the kit at the next Hospital Board meeting.  I told all the people at my local Parkinson's Support Group about the kit and helped 18 of them order kits for themselves.  It's a good thing my neighbor is warning the Hospital because I am certain these kits will be appearing with Parkies coming in for treatment.
My Aware in Care kit sits near my coffee cup, so I always know where it is

The kit is small, but packed with useful information:
Contents of kit
1. The Hospital Action Plan brochure: It has great advice about planning ahead for your next hospital stay, emergency or planned.  Hint:  Make sure that everyone knows EXACTLY WHERE the nearest hospital or care center is located, before an emergency comes up because getting lost on your way isn't humorous.  Make sure you can FIND your kit in an emergency, I keep mine next to my coffee cup, because I ALWAYS know where my coffee cup is.
2. The Medical Alert Card: This should be filled out and carried in your wallet at all times.  Hint: Have someone who can write legibly fill it out for you.  It won't help you if the EMT's can't read your scribbled writing.  
3.  The Parkinson's Disease Medical Alert Bracelet:  This gave me some trouble.  I have difficulty with clasps, so I could NOT put it on by myself.  My Wonderful Husband (a former jeweler) solved the problem by shortening the links and making it just loose enough that I can slide it on without unhooking it.  The front of it says to look for the wallet card and
Bracelet slides on and off
the back of it has a 1-800 number for PD info.
4. Medication Form Pad:  This is a whole pad of forms to list your medications and exactly what time you take them, so update it each time you have ANY changes. Hint: It might be a good idea to have someone else fill this form out, too.  I have one in my kit and copies in the glove boxes of both family cars, just in case I don't have the kit with me if an emergency comes up.
5. Magnet:  Use this magnet, in the hospital, to display a copy of your Medication Form.  It will stick right to the end of the bed where your chart hangs.
6. Parkinson's Disease Fact Sheet:  A simple explanation about Parkinson's and how IMPORTANT it is for us to get the right medications at the right times during our hospital stay, as well as warnings of medications that can have potentially bad side effects.  Hint:  I made copies of mine and gave one to each of my Doctor's to put in my chart and I also put a copy in each car's glove box.
7. The "I have Parkinson's" Reminders Slips are to be given to EVERY person who will be taking care of you in the hospital.
8. A Thank You Card: To give to the staff member who did their best to give you high quality care. Hint: the one you'd give an A+ to.  (Not the prettiest or handsomest one, give them your phone number instead, hee hee)

Hopefully, I won't ever need to use my kit, but just in case, I think I'll be able to squeeze Parky Penguin and my pajamas in the kit along with a toothbrush and comb.  
Aware kit, Parky Penguin and my pajamas
And just in case the nurses are a bit grumpy, my jammies ought to give them a smile, at least.  Don't you agree?  
Follow this link to order yours today. Sorry, but it can only be sent to USA addresses. Parkinson Foundation's Aware In Care Kit  I almost forgot the most important thing, these kits are FREE, yes FREE, so order yours right now.

Attn Non USA Readers: If you go to the website (click colored links above) and click Kit Contents, most of the forms are down-loadable, so you can print out and make your own kit. 

Thank you for reading this story, I hope you enjoyed it. This is just one of a hundred stories in my book, Parkinson's Humor - Funny Stories about My Life with Parkinson's Disease. Please consider purchasing a copy from or your favorite online book seller. Thank you and have a Happy Parkie Day!


  1. Glad for your sense of humor, especially coming from a young onset Parkinson's patient. I learned this year that the old onset category is not as dominant as I/the Public perceived. SH

  2. Good idea. It's important to stay upbeat when battling something like Parkinson's, and laughter is usually the best medicine. David S

  3. Nicely said. We're giving them away and walking people through it at our annual Parkie dinner in April.

  4. I found out I had Parkinson when I turn 50,I'm just learning new things everyday to better myself. And your kit will help me out so much,teach my family,friends how to cope with me, my Parkinson.
    So again thanks so much for your help,understanding.

  5. Ordered one today!

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