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Monday, March 12, 2012

My Birthday was GREAT!

I woke up early on my Birthday. Waking up early is normal for me (Parkinson's Disease and Sleep), but I woke up extra early that day.  I wrote a story about the first few hours of my 52nd Birthday and people have inquired about the rest of my day. 

The rest of the day was great!  
The neighborhood Jeeping gang sang to me before they took off for the day. 

My Twitter and Facebook accounts were full of Happy Birthday wishes as were my email and regular mail boxes and of course, there was the big banner that greeted me when I came back from taking photos early in the morning.  

George, My Walking Buddy and Freida treated us to lunch, then I had a little nap to Recharge my Battery

After dinner, we went over to George and Freida's house for cake.  Freida is an excellent baker and while I normally do not like cake, she has managed to make one that I LOVE.  It tastes like cinnamon rolls and Snickerdoodle cookies, both of which I love.  Willie and Sharon were there as well.  I got to blow out candles while everyone sang Happy Birthday to me.

Everyone complimented me on the sweater that I was wearing.  My Wonderful Husband gave me that sweater the first year we were married.  Yes, it is 26 years old!  

It was, definitely, one of the best Birthday's I've ever had.

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