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Monday, September 19, 2016

Hitting the Jackpot

The Karaoke Finals were done and now we had two and a half days to get to Portland, Oregon for the World Parkinson Congress. We left early Sunday morning and got through Las Vegas before the traffic got bad. We topped off the gas tank and headed north through the desert on Highway 93.  

Northbound, we had the road to ourselves; there were no cars in front of us and none in the rearview mirror. Southbound was a different story. We kept seeing sports cars whizzing past us. Corvettes one right after another. They had signs on their driver doors, but we couldn't read them, they were just a blur. Must be a Sunday morning car club cruise, we thought. Then we noticed other cars with signs on their doors flying by; Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, Dodge Charger, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Nissan 350Z and Mercedes. This was definitely not a Sunday cruise. 
FAST Camaro

When we got to the NV 318 shortcut, the road was closed northbound and a State Trooper was parked nearby. There was a yellow Corvette parked off the side of the road, with a sign on the door, so we pulled alongside, in my yellow Sonic and asked what was going on. It was a charity event called the Silver State Classic, a legal way to drive your car as fast as you want. Since the event wasn't over and we needed to keep moving, we turned around and took the long way which added an extra hour or so to our travel day. 
YumaBev's NOT VERY FAST Sonic

As we headed north, several of these sports cars passed us. They had license plates from States north of Nevada, so we assumed they had already raced and were now heading back home.
Very FAST Corvette

It was getting dark when we got to Jackpot, Nevada, where we stopped for the night. We watched some TV and went to bed early. When we got up the next morning, there was a old 1940's Ford parked next to us, with the Silver State Classic sign on its door. He must have a souped-up engine in that old car!    

Hey! I have an idea. How about a "Fast Cars for Slow Parkies" fundraiser for the Michael J. Fox Foundation? 

What should have been a very boring drive ended up being exciting as we watched all the exotic cars zoom past us. We definitely hit the Jackpot. 

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