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Friday, August 30, 2013

Time will Tell

Today, August 30, 2013 is the six year anniversary of my Parkinson's disease diagnosis. Many things have happened during that time; some good, some bad, and some I can't remember.

Time seems like it's flying by, and my concept of time has diminished. When my Doctors ask me questions like, "When did these symptom start?" or "How long ago was this test done?" I have no idea whether it was last month, or six months ago. I have to go home and look it up. I have a medical file on my PC, so the tests are easy to find. I have kept a daily journal, something I have done for years, so I can go back and see just when that particular symptom started. Without these, I'd be lost. 

It's not just medical things that I can't remember. I can't remember when I last saw friends or when I went to see a show and this concerns me. I'm sure my Parkinson's has progressed, even though my motor symptoms haven't; due to the Deep Brain Stimulation surgery I had done in October 2012. 

I have been through a lot this year; breast cancer surgery, three other surgeries, and way too much stress. Has this caused my "time" problems or is it something else?

I don't know, but maybe, come next August 30th, I won't remember any of 2013 and that might be a good thing. Time will tell...

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  1. I'm glad to read that you had DBS after only being dx'ed 6 yrs ago. I was dx'ed in2009 and will be having surgery later this year. I was concerned that I was being pushed into it too quickly even though I have noticed my symptoms gradually getting worse. I know I can decline surgery but if I survive it and have less symptoms I think it will be worth it until the cure comes down the pipeline. Thanks for your continued courage-ousness.

    1. Diana,
      I was diagnosed 6 years ago, but my PD symptoms started more than a decade earlier, so I was considered mid-late stage Parkinson's.

    2. Hi came across your blog today, it is a refreshing read. I am a male 58, and recently diagnosed. I have started a small blog also, about my journey as a carer struck down with parkinsons.

  2. I thought my memory issues were due to getting older. Perhaps it is due to the Parkinson. What ever the reason it is good to know I'm not alone with this problem. :-)

  3. Bev,

    I am just a baby with PD, happy thoughts to you! Now you of all people only need to remember just one day, today and the string of good moments that today brings. If you forget, just refer back to your blog. Hum . . . I see 50 in 2011, 86 in 2012 and this year. Keep on writing!

  4. Hi! I was 44 years old when I got diagnosed as YOPD in 2010. I too have become forgetful with respect to time of events just as you have described. I read your book on my kindle and found it very absorbing and at many places, you were narrating my experiences. Of recent I feel I am having problem with driving my car.

  5. Time is immaterial to a " PARKIE" as we are in warp drive and have all the time in the world.

  6. Yes, I always start out saying a few years back, realizing it was over 10 years ago, like all my memories are out of chronological order.

  7. Yes. Days blur together and a week ago can be a month ago. My theory is we spend so much thought dealing with symptoms in the moment that divisions in time are overlooked. Dave