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Friday, August 2, 2013

Saying Goodbye

My beloved Dr. Zonis is retiring and closing his practice. I am very happy for him and his beautiful wife Perla. They will have lots of free time; to travel and spend time with their family. He has been my "superhero" for almost six years and has been helping other patients for over 38 years, so he really deserves his retirement, but at the same time I am sad.

I will really miss both of them. He has been more than a Neurologist to me; I think of him more as a friend (even though I only saw him as a patient.) I gave him a big hug at my last appointment, as always, but I didn't know that might be the last time I would see him. And that makes me sad, too.

Bev and her beloved Dr Z

As a patient with Parkinson's disease, my choices for a new Neurologist aren't too difficult because there are Movement Disorder Specialists in Phoenix, Tucson or San Diego (3+ hour drive each way.) At least for now, I can drive to see one of them, however many others here in Yuma can't make that kind of a drive, so I have been calling other Doctors in Yuma (familiar with Parkinson's), trying to put together a list for those support group members.

I'm not sure how to say Goodbye to a couple like Dr Zonis, his wife Perla and his wonderful staff. I guess I really don't want to.

PS Dr. Zonis got bored being retired and re-opened his practice in January 2014.

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