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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Studying for My Psych Test

I am planning on having the DBS surgery and to qualify, I need to have what is known as neuropsychological testing. This is a big medical word that simply translated means: Is she alright in the head? 

They will check for signs of depression, dementia, cognitive and memory problems. Having any of these isn't necessarily a surgical no-no, but they might follow you more closely afterwards.

Some of my Parkie friends, who have had such tests, gave me advice. They warned me about lists and lists and lists, plus math problems and putting pegs in holes, so I figured I better study before I went.

I'm not worried about the depression part, I'll just show them my blog or sing one of my songs and pass that test.

I didn't have any pegs or holes to practice with, so I used a seven day pill container and a bowl of M&M's. The idea was to put the various colors in the separate sections as fast as I could, but I had a problem, I kept eating them (red is my favorite). 

The math problems shouldn't give me trouble, I was somewhat of a math genius in school and even wrote a computer program to do my homework. However, if they do those "Bob got on bus # 7 at State Street and there were 5 people on the bus, 4 got off at Main Street, 3 got on at Harley Street and 2 got on at Grover Street" and then ask, "What was the name of the guy who got on at State Street?" I will be sunk. I am terrible with names, always have been, always will be. Why do you think I always say Wonderful Husband in these stories? 

I was told they will say lists of words and ask you to repeat them back and the lists will get longer and longer. I can usually remember what is on my grocery list, until I get to the grocery store, then I promptly forget until I am back home. One person said they asked her to name as many items as she could that would be found in a grocery store and started with the letter B. So, I said, "Beer, beer, beer and beer." which is funny since I don't even like beer. The letter C is on my usual grocery list: Cereal, cereal, cheese, cereal, cookies, candy, cereal, croutons, cereal, carrots, cereal, canned veggies, cereal, chicken, cereal, chips, cereal. I eat a lot of cereal.

Well, I guess I have studied enough. I will let you know if I passed or not. 

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  1. Hey, no cheating on that test! ;D Seriously, I know you'll do fine. Can't wait to read the Blog this experience will inspire.

  2. You'll ace this. First off, I find it interesting that this is a "Psych" test. What kind of "psych" are they testing for? We all know we have some kind of mental problem to go along with our Parkie's. I love the fact you ate all the red M&M's.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but yeah, you strike me as the genius type. The whole Math and Music thing go together. I suspect that also leaves people like that susceptible to being Parkies and not just Energeezers! Color me non-shocked.

    I'm just shocked that the Psychtiatric community is still trotting out these same old tired tests. They give them to everyone. I would have figured they would have a battery of super-duper secret-sauce type tests, although they probably do. Enough of my whining. I'll be ranting here. I can go rant on my own blog. Speaking of which, Bev. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award via You deserve it, Bev. I just get the biggest kick out of you and your blog and you're a stunning example of what we do and how we persevere when we start to fall apart. I know; elegant. I've procrastinated enough. Mary <3