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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Parkie Proof Packaging

Vise grips
I have been fighting with Kellogg's for almost ten years and I finally won the fight. In the last year of my Dad's life, I watched him struggle trying to open food packaging and for the last six years, I have had the same struggle myself. The Hunt's pudding cups were the worst, Dad finally resorted to using vise grips (YES, vise grips) to pull the tamper-resistant seal off the plastic containers. I wrote to them several times, complaining about how ridiculously hard they were to open. The response was always the same, "Thank you for your comments, we will forward them on to our product division." Then they would send coupons, so of course, Dad would buy that brand, again, and the fight would continue. 

It was the same with Kellogg's cereal. The plastic bags inside were nearly impossible to pull apart, unless you had Hulk Hogan strength. So, once again I wrote and complained and their response was similar to Hunt's. Well, after Dad died, I gave up the fight with Hunt's. I'm not a pudding fan and if I want some, I will buy another brand, one that IS easy to open. 

Kellogg's was different, though. I like cereal, and Kellogg's is my favorite. Granted, they have made me mad enough over the years, that I purchased other brands, but, just like my Dad, I wandered back to Kellogg's and cursed every time I had to open a new box. So, I kept on writing and complaining, and they kept on saying they would forward my comments on. 

My cereal cabinet

Well, apparently, someone actually read my letters, because this is what greeted me when I purchased my most recent batch of cereal. 

YES, it said Easy Open Bag, in bold print, right on the top of the box. I was thrilled. I couldn't wait to try it, and guess what, it WAS easy to open. Yeah, I won! 

My enthusiasm was short lived, however, when I needed to open a new bottle of Stalevo. I have been fighting this problem for years, so today, I decided to video tape just how difficult it is to open this Parkinson's medicine. Click > to play video.

One Parkie friend got so aggravated trying to open a bottle of pills, she hit it with a sledge hammer. Maybe I could use a saw? Or run over it with the car? 

Guess I better write another letter .........

You can find all my videos on my YouTube channel:


  1. Here is often what I do seeing my husband can't open bottles either due to arthritis. Give it to a kid lol it will be open in 2.5 child proof my a** lol joking of course but true. I usually let my pharmacist know to put an easy open lid on it and for the most part they do when I remember to tell them. Lol

  2. I use a scissors to open the cereal bags. For bottles I use a "jar opening pad" available at the dollar store. If a bottle or package is too much of a chore I have my wife to open it. She gets a kick out of helping me.

  3. I just love you. Thank you for the giggle after a rough day.

  4. I can really relate to your difficulties with opening things, Bev. We Parkies, especially those of us who live alone, have to be real creative devising ways to get into things. I guess that keeps our brains creative!

  5. This is priceless :) Well done, Bev!!!!

  6. You can add fruit cups and water bottles to the list. Of course, it does "keep you moving" by having spills to clean up every day.

  7. It wasn't so long ago that hubby used to open all jars for me. The tides have turned.

  8. I am sometimes tempted to get my neighbour's three-year-old to open Parkie-Proof bottles. Fortunately, I get my scripts at Walmart, and they have made note on my file that I need easy open. It's just a matter of breaking off a little tab I can do it myself if I am "on" but to get "on" I need to take my pills on time. It is actually not a good idea to put your pills into other bottles.

    1. I would get my medicine from the manufacturer and tamper resistant is the norm. I never put my pills in a different bottle, I just replaced the cap with an easy flip top vitamin cap.

  9. Interesting. I ask our pharmacist to provide them in "non childproof containers. No they are easier to open but they sometimes open at the wrong time, for example in your suitcase. Screw tops are best for those who are aging parkies

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  11. The ones that put the feckers in a bottle with “shoulders” and feel the need to put some cotton wool in there too are the worst! John from Scotland

  12. I've used a hammer before to get to my carbi dopa, lol.