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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Parky in the Dark

Sunday, Sept 9th, 2012 started with a stunning sunrise. The color started slow, just an orange spot in the gap in the mountains. Within minutes, the orange color, now mixed with yellow, spread out and up to the clouds around. It was breath-taking and I was alone as I watched; everyone else was sound asleep.

I turned to head back inside and another stunning sight greeted me, a brilliant rainbow! Wow, this was a fantastic way to start the day.

Sunday rainbow

After lunch, I spent the afternoon trying to decide what photo to enter in my Camera Club's monthly contest (Old Cars was the theme). I chose one and just got it printed when there was a lightning flash and a loud clap of thunder. I checked the radar and saw a storm headed our way. I managed to power off the computers and unplug the electronic stuff when the wind began to howl, the rain came down hard and the power went out.  

Sunday rain

We live in the desert and it seldom rains, and when it does, it's usually what we locals call a ten-incher, one drop every ten-inches. This time, however, the wash behind our house, which is normally dry, looked like a raging river. Our cast iron patio set went tumbling across the yard; the street out front looked like a lake and one of the decorative pots in my front yard floated away. This was one of the worst storms I have seen and I was busy taking video and pictures; trying to capture it all.

Then it was over and we went out to survey the damage. There were many trees down in the neighborhood and lots of overturned patio tables and chairs, but everyone was okay. We had a broken ceramic castle and a washed out mess on one side of our driveway. The power was still out and there was no water. Someone came by and said there were downed power poles along the main road and houses with roofs off, so we considered ourselves lucky.

Washed out along our driveway

We got out the flashlights and then realized we had no candles. We ate sandwiches and sat on the back patio; it was much cooler outside than in. Pretty soon we were sitting in the dark and instead of being stressed out, I enjoyed it. No TV, no computers, no phone (I forgot to charge the cell phone and the battery was low). 

It was just my Wonderful Husband and me, holding hands in the dark, listening to the night sounds. It reminded me of healthier times, before Parkinson's, when we lived and traveled in an RV. Occasionally, we would camp in National Forests, where there was no electricity, and even though our camper had 12-volt lights, we would often sit in the darkness and watch the stars. 
Holding hands

The power and water were still off the next morning. We cleaned up our yard; then cleaned up ourselves. I found out I can wash my hair with a 16-ounce bottle of water! We went out for breakfast, then to our Parkinson's disease support group meeting. We came back home and since the power was still off, went out for an early dinner and then to the Camera Club meeting. My photo, a 1930 Ford Roadster reflected in the fender and hubcap of a 1940 Ford Truck, won People's Choice! 

1930 Ford Roadster reflected in 1940 Ford Truck

When we got back home, in the dark, I headed out to the back patio and the lights came on. I was glad the power (and especially the water) was back on, but I missed sitting in the dark holding hands with my Wonderful Husband. 

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  1. I'm so relieved you're safe, Bev. There were several of us, I think, looking for you. What a great post! Touching too, thinking about you and Wonderful Husband sitting holding hands in the back yard. How Romantical! (a dear friend's young daughter says that) The picture of the 1930 Ford Roadster is about the most awesome-est, bomb-iest (in the very best way!) picture I've ever seen! People's Choice, yes. Here at our local "Steak and Shake," where they have the Friday and Saturday night Roadster shows, they would line up around the equator to have you make their pictures. Awesome, Bev! Mary. <3

  2. Love the story, Bev. Been waiting to read it all day. :) And congrats on winning People's Choice award for your wonderful picture. Looking good! Cyn

  3. That was a lot of water flowing down the wash. Great to hear things are back to normal.

  4. I'm glad you caught video of the wash--I had forgotten about that storm until I just came across your account of it. I like how intense the storms can be here, and I like how the desert greens up for a time afterwards.