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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Parkinson's Disease Olympics

I've been watching the Olympics and cheering for my home team, but because of this blog, I feel like I have Parkie cousins in 119 different countries, so I have been excited for everyone who wins, no matter where they live. 

The Paralympic Games are scheduled to take place right after the Olympics, so I got to thinking about a Parkinson's Olympics and what kind of events we could have. These are my humorous suggestions.

Synchronized Trembling - two or more people trying to shake simultaneously

Vault - best form for jumping out of bed when your leg cramps in the middle of the night

Diving - keeping stiff as a board while falling off platform

Unbalanced Bars - see who walks straightest after visiting several bars

Simon says Freeze - we have no problems "sticking" our landings

Rhythmic Dyskinesia - artistically timed to music

Sleep Wrestling - best performance of acting out dreams

Soda Shot - whose can of shaken soda sprays the farthest when opened

Floor exercises - who can get up off the floor fastest

Taekwan-slow - artistic movements in extremely slow motion

Bad-mitten - trying to put shaped objects in matching holes (3 hour time limit)

Sculpture - best impersonation of a statue

Flailing - most erratic arm movements when walking

Lurch - most uneven gait

Parkie Waddle - best impersonation of  a Penguin

This could be our medal:

So perfect are you .... so unlike any other

Snowflake - one of a kind

"Parkies are like snowflakes, we are all unique and all beautiful." Quote from my friend Shirley. 


  1. In checking the list I believe I could win GOLD in the "Sleep Wrestling - best performance of acting out dreams"

    Nicely done Bev! Brought a smile to my face reading them.

  2. This is great! We like the soda shot event! Check out our website and please share. Our product, Co-E1, is a natural and safe form on NADH designed to treat the symptoms of PD. We have tons of case studies and articles that discuss the benefits!

  3. Diving is the thing for me. I am so often stiff as a door that i could say it is my favorite 'me'.

  4. As always your brain was working, you had great ideas. Sign me up in the tall people section. LOVE YOU MUCH MOM