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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Parkie Olympics - Events Suggested by Friends

I wrote a story about events I'd have at a Parkinson's Disease Olympics and my fellow Parkies have come up with some others to add to the list:

Dressage - getting dressed in the morning (Deb S)

Soup Eating - whoever gets the most in their mouth, wins (Roy R)

Target Urination - for men only, accuracy counts (Roy R)

Best Milk Shake (Mark W)

NO Jump - everyone gets gold (Michael C)

100 Meter Speed Bump - instead of hurdles (Michael C)

Walkers vs Canes (Pat V)

Freezers vs Dyskinesers (Pat V)

Javelin 360 - never know which direction it will go, spectators watch at their own risk (Darin K)

Shake & Rattle the Pole (Keith G)

Agitate the Pool (Keith G)

Hop, Step, Stagger - triple jump (Keith G)

High On Medication Jump (Keith G)

Lawn Bowls & Snooker (Shaun S)

See, I'm not the only silly Parkie on the planet. Have a Happy Parkie Day and congratulations to everyone who participated in the Olympics (including those of us who cheered from the comfort of our homes).

This sounds like fun, all we need is a few big corporate sponsors. Hmm, let's see: Shake-N-Bake? Banquet Frozen Foods? Ensure Shakes? Brawny Paper Towels? Medtronics? Weebles? Hoveround? Viagra? 

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  1. I cheered from the comfort of my mind; didn't even know this was going on. Dern! I'm always a day short and a dollar late!