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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Living in a RV, what is it like?

For 16 years, my Wonderful Husband and I lived year-round in an RV (recreational vehicle) and traveled all over the USA and Canada.  I would still be doing it, if I did not have Parkinson's Disease.  Many people have expressed curiosity about RV's, mostly from other countries, but several Americans as well.  So here is the story...
Yuma Bev cooking eggs
We bought our first RV in 1991, a 21-foot long Motorhome (motorhome means that it has it's own engine and you drive it like a car) and took off on a three week trip.  There wasn't much room in it, you had to make a bed out of the sofa every night and you couldn't pass each other in the hallway, but after two weeks, we didn't want to go home, EVER, so, we traded it in on a 34-foot Motorhome and kept on traveling.

The 34 foot motorhome
This RV was small inside as well, but it had a full size bed in it (you had about 6 inches on either side to walk around) and a sofa and dinette, so we thought we were in heaven. We took this Motorhome from Florida to Colorado to Arizona and back all in one summer. Living in an RV requires a very good sense of humor.

Several years later, we got rid of the Motorhome and from then on, we had a variety of RV's that you towed behind or placed in the bed of a truck.  Sometimes, we would buy a very small one to take a specific trip and then sell it after we were done, it all depended on where we were going, but we lived in an RV of some kind or another year round. 

YumaBev and the truck camper

We spent 5 months in the little Aliner above and 4 months in the truck camper! 

The last RV we owned was the biggest and we towed it behind a big pick up truck, however, it was still only about 200 square feet of living space!  For most RVers in America, this would be called a weekender, just big enough for 2 or 3 days, but we lived in it for 7 years!  I did 99% of the driving and could back it into the tightest spaces.

Truck and camper parked lakeside in Idaho
It was still very small inside, as the pictures below will show
and to give you some perspective, there is a photo of me standing by an inside door of the RV and one of me standing by an inside door of my house.  See how much narrower the RV one is?

YumaBev by RV door
YumaBev by house door

As you can see, the space is quite narrow in the bedroom and bathroom and as my Parkinson's symptoms progressed, it became increasingly difficult for me to manage without constantly bumping into things.  The entry steps to get in the camper were tricky as well and I didn't feel comfortable towing the RV anymore, so we gave up that life and started a new one.  Adapt, adapt, adapt.

Living room and sofa
TV across from sofa and hallway door

Bathroom sink
Tub and toilet

Dining area right  next to sofa
Bedroom area
Kitchen area

Do I miss it? Yes, very much.    

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Thank you for reading this story, I hope you enjoyed it. This is just one of a hundred stories in my book, Parkinson's Humor - Funny Stories about My Life with Parkinson's Disease. Please consider purchasing a copy from or your favorite online book seller. Thank you and have a Happy Parkie Day!


  1. What great memories!! I would love to travel the country in an RV some day. Great post, Bev!

  2. Too bad that Parkinson's is keeping you from traveling. But I'm sure that you didn't regret living in your RV. Getting the chance to travel to prominent places in the North American continent is a blessing worthy to be treasured for a lifetime.

  3. We call them camper vans over here! When my boys were little we used to drive down to cornwall in the summer and stay in a caravan usually on a farm. The boys loved it and used to watch the sheep being sheared! The last few years we have been to Spain for our holiday . Last year before I was diagnosed but was having symptoms I found the heat really helped with my aches and pains. Xxxx

  4. Bev, your my hero... I know exactly what your talking about.

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