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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Does Parkinson's Disease hurt

Most medical Doctors will say Parkinson's Disease doesn't hurt, but they don't HAVE Parkinson's Disease.  Hmm, a Neurologist with PD, that would be humorous, unless she/he does brain surgery! The actual process of the neurons dying off in our brains is painless, however, the strange things Parkinson's makes our limbs and body parts do, CAN cause pain.  

Foot cramps are painful, no doubt about that!  Tremors are painful for our family and friends to watch, and are a big pain in the butt for us Parkies, but don't usually hurt, unless we spill hot coffee down the front of our shirt. Ouch!

My rigidity is usually painless, but very aggravating. I generally have two or more bruises on my arms or legs from bumping into doorways because I zigged when I should have zagged or from getting up awkwardly from the desk or table. They hurt, but can you say that it's Parkinson's? If I fall and break my leg, can I blame PD? What about back pain from being stuck in the same position all night?

I say YES, absolutely YES! But all kinds of things in life hurt. Having a baby hurts, but women have more than one. The death of your parents or spouse hurts. A hangover hurts, but most people don't quit drinking.  The reality is life, in general, involves some pain. 

When I am having a bad day, I ask myself, "Have you ever felt worse than this?" If the answer is YES, then I say to myself, "Then what are you complaining about?" and then I laugh and instantly feel better.  If the answer is NO, then I have something to compare the next bad day with.

Yes, I do argue with myself and sometimes, rarely, I win the argument!


Thank you for reading this story, I hope you enjoyed it. This is just one of a hundred stories in my book, Parkinson's Humor - Funny Stories about My Life with Parkinson's Disease. Please consider purchasing a copy from or your favorite online book seller. Thank you and have a Happy Parkie Day!


  1. hi bev it looks like i am the first to comment now aint you the lucky one haaa .no not realy as not only has mr parkie has come uninvited into me brain ,mind you he did well finding it in the first place ,i cant spell so you might need an interpriter owww looks good so far .
    well you sound like a happy go lucky person
    like you i play bumpsadaisy with door frames

  2. sorry bev
    it cut me off my name is pamela 70 years young had mr p 5 years rember always look on the bright side of life have a great day

  3. I didn't think my Parkinsons was painful at first, but think some of my muscle cramps etc. are from the big P. Have been going to PT for 6 weeks and I've been ridged all 6 weeks. If parkinsons makes me this rigid, then it is painful. Was told to take this up with my doc.
    I like your humor.

    1. You need an exercise bike. It does help!

  4. Great commentary .... It does hurt ..but we all grin and bear goes on! I agree with everything she says.except not so funny for neurologist -"pd specialist to have pd"- well come to think of it-YES,YES-it is!...GOD has a GREAT SENSE of HUMOR!!!! That's how I have learned to embrace my whatever you want to call it...I do such a good job apparently...some people have even commented on the fact that having PD has seemed to ENHANCE my LIFE! I take as a compliment ...I must be doing something a master violinist who after spending a life time of discipline and sacrifice makes his performance so flawless that seems "easy and do -able" to an untrained eye! Dr. DeLeon from Facebook

  5. What I think would be funny is if the drug company execs making millions off pd meds had a taste of mr. Parkie. Alex

  6. Yes it sure does. Wish doctors would listen to us more and have more time to hear our needs.

  7. Essential Tremor hurts, too. It also mimics other things, like stroke, heart attack and weird neuropathological aches and pains. Like that lovely pain that I had in a line across my left shoulder blade just under the skin for 2 days and then just went away, Huh? Working through the pain, taking my meds and my vitamin supplements, B6, B-12 injections, cinnamon, and all of that happy crappy helps. A good attitude helps even better. I have the solace of knowing that I'm pretty tough and can chew nails, if need be.

  8. Yuma Bev brilliant as usual! My dystonia hurts like hell when it happens. It happens in my abdomen and inner thighs to my knees. I'm 6 days pain free and feel guardedly optimistic. Feeling above average! Pat

  9. I often get muscle cramps involving all the fingers in my left hand at the same time. I have to use my right hand to untangle the cramped fingers. They are not easy to move. Yuma Bev is right again!

  10. My Dr is amazing. He looks like he's 16 ( lol) but his mom has YOPD as I do. He knows the pain that is associated with my issues.

  11. Pain every day. Hands, thighs, feet, shoulders. I wake up sometimes feeling like I have frostbite -- my hands are cold but they burn. Getting out of bed helps, though yesterday I had it yesterday in the evening.

  12. The pain is a reality. Some of the Neuro's deny it is related but then they are not the one's experiencing it. It's almost a daily occurrence and it's debilitating.