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Thursday, December 1, 2016

DBS Update: Four years later

Well, it is now FOUR years since I had DBS for my Parkinson's. 

My DBS stimulation settings are lower than they were a year ago and I am taking less Parkinson's medication and yet, I am doing better physically. 

This makes no sense to my former and current Parkinson's specialists or my Medtronic representative. I saw all three of them when I spoke to the Medical School students in November 2016.

According to the Medtronic rep, my DBS settings are below "clinical therapeutic values."  

I don't know why these settings work for me, but they do. 
DBS settings Nov 2016

I got a new camera since my three year update, and it isn't compatible with the Movie Maker software on my ancient PC, so I can't provide a video update. 

This was one day's worth of medication prior to DBS.
3 Requip, 7 Sinemet, 1 Thryoid

This is one day's worth now! 

1/2 Sinemet, 1 Thyroid

Quite a difference, right?


  1. I'm so glad to hear you're doing well and very encouraged that maybe my son will improve as time goes on. He had DBS in January of this year, and it improved some of his symptoms but not as much of the tremor as we had hoped. Infact, as time goes on, the tremor is worsening and it seems to be getting almost to where he was before surgery. Your post encourages me that things could change.

  2. Thank you! My own Wonderful husband is scheduled for DBS in November but is extremely nervous about it (as am I). It's great to hear how well you're doing.
    Leigh Ann

  3. My husband had DBS 4 years ago and was very successful, goodness knows how he would have been 4 years on without it .