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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I was Honored

My Wonderful Husband and 3 of my online Parkie friends nominated me for Parkinson's Disease Superstar.  I was so honored to know that I made a difference in their lives. Thank you and a big hug from me.

Here is a link to their nomination writings:

Parkinson's Superstars nomination: Bev-Ribaudo


  1. Laughter is the best healer. Try Laughing -meditation with a group of friends. Just lie down in a star formation, heads in the center. One person, or more can start to say siomething funny - and next thing you know.... everyone is howling or giggling

  2. I would be lost witout all you guys your sense of humor on the Chat Room gives me a big lift for the rest of my day. Love you all xxx Danny

  3. we all need a laugh, it makes my day...glad I found this FB site...because I believe laughter is the best medicine

  4. You are a Parkinson's Superstar!!!! So happy to see a picture of you!! CONGRATS YOU DESERVE IT!! SHERRI