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Saturday, August 13, 2011

YumaBev, Thrift Store Queen, part 2

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Several of my readers have inquired about the "decorating our gravel yard" comment in the previous Thrift Store Queen story, so I thought I should explain. I live in the desert. Water is scarce, and it's hot, so, mostly what we have is gravel for our yards, it's cleaner than just sand, but plain gravel is boring, so we get creative. We use rocks, different colored gravel, pots, ceramic figurines, and items scavenged from the desert (dead pieces of cactus, driftwood, animal skeletons) to liven things up and add a touch of humor. 

I was born in Florida, just steps away from the beach, and Florida is where I met and married my Wonderful Husband, but we now prefer living in the desert, it agrees with my Parkinson's disease.  However, that did not stop us from having our own Beach area. We created a water scene in our gravel yard, complete with lighthouse, water, sailing ship, flying fish and birds of all sorts in the "white rocks" beach. We even have a castle!  And our screened in porch area next to it is all decorated in beach theme as well, with water skis and an oar on the wall, a marlin, colorful beach theme banners and a tropical print rug.

As you can see, it's quite beach like. However, we have a real beach just 3 hours away in San Diego California. We went there yesterday to cool off, it was only 40 degrees cooler! While I was there I spotted this beach front $2 million home and noticed that they had "decorated" with all things nautical as well. The big difference between us..........I'm sure he paid big $$$ and I got most of mine at thrift stores for $1.  This Parky ain't stupid.

PS My friend Mary L, whom I know from the chat room, suggested I write a song called The Thrift Store Queen. So, of course, I did and here is the video of it. Just click the > to play it.

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  1. You made your own ocean front property in the desert :)

  2. lovely beach front for the desert!!! Cool yard where is the road runners??

  3. A friend from WY and I went to the local Goodwill and I came across your wonderful book Parkinson's Humor. I bought it because my brother-in-law has been diagnosed with Parkinson's and he's quite a bit older than you.

    I LOVED the book! I read it late at night while hubby was sleeping and it had me in total hysterics and it made me laugh and cry.

    Just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your book and I will be telling Jack about it so he can get a copy. It might help him deal with his Parkinson's better.
    Thanks for writing it and doing all you do for your fellow Parkies!!

  4. I was diagnosed 3 months ago. It took 3 years for the diagnosis. Finally on meds.
    Forgot to mention, just finished your book. Loved it. Also, love your yard, and your humor.��