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Friday, August 26, 2011

My big Parkinson's Disease Humor Blog TV interview

Our local NBC affiliate in Yuma, Arizona did a story about my Parkinson's Humor blog and a lot of people have asked how to see it, so here it is.  I just set up my camera and taped my TV, so it's not perfect. Have a laugh and watch for the chat room comment "we're just a bunch of crazy parkies" in the background.  Describes me perfectly, I think.

You can find all my videos on my YouTube channel:
PS now up to 6 continents, wow.......

Thank you for reading this story, I hope you enjoyed it. This is just one of a hundred stories in my book, Parkinson's Humor - Funny Stories about My Life with Parkinson's Disease. Please consider purchasing a copy from or your favorite online book seller. Thank you and have a Happy Parky Day!


  1. Amazing! You are an inspiration to everyone who faces a serious illness.

  2. Bev, I'm so impressed with this interview! You are one special gal, keep getting the word out. I'm doing all I know to do to educate people in my area about PD. Penny G via Facebook