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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

YumaBev is a VIDEO star??

After almost two years of editing, the Lights, Camera, Action video my Wonderful Husband and I did about Medtronic DBS therapy for Parkinson's disease is finally available to be viewed. 

Click to play:

 I had watched some of the other Patient Stories online and was expecting mine to be 1 or 2 minutes long. I wondered which parts of the hours and hours of filming they would use. A lot of what they filmed that day was a blur.

I remember talking about my DBS experience and how they kept having to stop because the landscapers were making too much noise outside. 

I remember laughing and being silly and talking about my Parkinson's Humor blog.

I remember circling around and around the hotel trying to get a good shot of me driving my bright yellow Chevy Sonic. 

But most of all, I remember being able to share my story in my own words, just like I do in my blogs.

I was expecting a 90-second video, instead they made an eight minute movie that tells the love story of me and my Wonderful Husband. Enjoy it. 

You can also find the video by searching YumaBev's Medtronic DBS Story on YouTube.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. Email me at

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