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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

YumaBev goes Jeeping

I went Jeeping in the desert with my Wonderful Husband three days last week. Now, that may not sound like something worth writing about, but it is. You see, going out Jeeping is something I would never have attempted prior to my DBS  surgery. Why?
1. Climbing in and out of a Jeep would have been a near impossibility.
2. Bouncing around would have jarred my rigid body too much.
3. I would not have been able to relax, and my Parkinson's symptoms would be aggravated.

Driftwood Jeepers

Most of our Jeep group are couples and my Wonderful Husband is one of the few singles. I don't mind his going alone, but this past week was different. Valentine's Day fell on Thursday, which is Jeep day. I assumed they would cancel Jeeping, but no, they did just the opposite. They planned a special Cupid trip and they wanted ME to come along!

Large saguaro cactus
Jeeping is an all day event and I was worried, so we took a trial run with one of our neighbors on Tuesday. I did fine, until the last time I climbed back into the Jeep. I miscalculated and bonged my back on the door frame. Ouch! It left an ugly bruise, but I was fine by the next day.

Thursday morning arrived and I was ready; sort of. I was still nervous about spending ALL day in the desert. We packed some lunch and took off. The first part of the trip was fairly smooth. When we stopped for lunch; "Cupid" gave all us girls silk roses, heart shaped plastic rings and heart shaped candy. Then "Cupid" had another surprise; a cake! So, there we were, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by sand and cacti, eating cake. It was fun.

Valentine's cake, in the desert

After lunch, the group split up. Most took the more challenging and bumpy route back home. We went back the way we came and another Jeep with first-timer passengers came with us. I had survived a whole day in the desert. An hour or so later, all 24 of us went out for dinner. It was a good day and I was glad to spend it with my Wonderful Husband and all our friends.

Others taking a bumpier route

A few days later, I went out again; just hubby and me, this time. They are building a new solar electrical plant in the desert nearby and he took me over to see it. It was interesting.

Our little jeep

Will I go again? Probably not for awhile. But it is nice to know that I CAN go.

PS This was the most exciting part of the trip. Look closely. Do you see the person climbing up the rock? No, it is NOT my Wonderful Husband, it's someone else's.
Rock climbing neighbor
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  1. Yay! Your DBS has given you CHOiICES!


  2. I love your energy and enthusiasm. I wouldn't go jeeping more so in a desert after such a surgery. It seems though that you and your husband had a great time. The photos are amazing. It was indeed a happy valentines day for both of you.
    Your little jeep like you call it, seems to have the best quality parts. I have a passion for jeeps myself but i have never gone to the desert on one. That's an assignment for me in the next two months. Thank you for the blog. Rubicon Express