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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Parkinson's DBS Surgery: The Results

Total miles driven:                         2,758
Gas for six trips to Tucson:           $489.87
Four nights in a hotel:                   $402.11
My co-pays for everything:           $970.00
Amount my Insurance paid:      $26,672.77
Price for the Neurostimulator:   $43.929.87

No more foot cramps:           PRICELESS
Sleeping through the night:   PRICELESS
Feeling ON all a day:             PRICELESS
No dyskinesia:                      PRICELESS

Would I do it again? Absolutely.
Just look at the before video:

and the after video:

I am sleeping longer, but I still get tired during the day. My arms and legs don't feel heavy, I just get sleepy. I have had two surgeries in less than three weeks, so my body is still recuperating. Dr. Norton just turned the unit on and set it very low, so I know it will be better when I go back for detailed programming in two weeks. I have cut back on my medication by about half already and all of the side effects I was having are gone. I am a very, very Happy Parkie.

You can find all my videos on my YouTube channel:


  1. with this thought DBS looks like the real deal, I'm still a lil scared still something to think twice about looks like it did you some good, hope your recovery goes fast your friend Margaret from Bullhead City!!!

  2. I like the detailed before video because I don't have a Parkie friend to hang out with during the day. I just know how I feel. The after video is amazing!


  3. Congratulations Bev! This is very exciting.
    I am very happy for you.

  4. Bev, I am SO so happy that DBS is working for you! Thanks for sharing these videos.

  5. Wow Bev! As I was watching your "before DBS" video, it was like watching a carbon copy of myself, except I have brown hair. haha My feet also cramp up when I first get up and I have to walk on the outsides of my feet. Mainly the left foot is like that, as I noticed was the same for you. "Was" being the key word. I take baby steps, too. I know these are typical symptoms. I was just amazed at how nearly identical our movements and stage in PD seem to be or were, I should say. I'm so happy for you and encouraged by your successful surgery and success with the stimulator. All the best to you, Tonya Viaille

    Everyone, on this special day Dan and I wish each of you the best to come. I am sure we all have something to be thankful for.
    Please enjoy this eCard with your family and friends-->