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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Joy and Sorrow, Worries and Cheers

Last week was a mix of emotions for both myself and my Wonderful Husband. 

On Monday, we celebrated Freida's birthday.  Phil & Ruth invited all of us for lunch, we had cake and spent the afternoon laughing.  Freida had trouble blowing out the candles, but managed to blow most of the cinnamon sugar off the cake and all across the table. We were all giggling like a bunch of teenagers.

Freida's Birthday Cake
Sugar all over

On Tuesday, we attended a Celebration of Life service for a friend who passed away suddenly.  David's death was quite a shock, we had just seen him at pizza a few days earlier. I was concerned the emotional toll might exaggerate my Parkinson's Disease symptoms and make me stand out in the crowd, but I did okay.

They handed out swans at David's service

On Thursday, I went to the Dermatologist, I was worried, but everything was fine. You can read all about it at Red spots, Barnacles and getting older.

On Friday, we went to see a local High School Play and cheered at the very good acting.

It was a week of emotional ups & downs and I took extra naps to Recharge My Batteries, but I lived my life and did NOT let Parkinson's Disease ruin it.  Good advice for all of us.

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