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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Halloween Party

I often mention a Parkinson's Disease Chat Room on here and there is a really good reason.  The people on there like to have fun.  They had a party for Halloween night, an online party, anyone with a computer and internet could attend and you didn't even have to leave home.  The host of the party, Steve, played YouTube clips of the Monster Mash and Teen Wolf with Michael J Fox.  We told silly jokes and laughed at our real or Photoshop created costumes and for a little while, we were able to forget we had Parkinson's Disease and just have fun.  

As some of you know, I like to re-write the words to songs, so I wrote a humorous one about a Halloween Party and I picked out costumes for a whole bunch of my online friends.  Then, using their Facebook profile photos and Photoshop, I "put" them in the costumes and made a music video of my song and played it at the Party.  We had some great laughs and I think they all enjoyed it.  Here it is, just for you:

You can find all my videos on my YouTube channel:
Thank you for reading this story, I hope you enjoyed it. This is just one of a hundred stories in my book, Parkinson's Humor - Funny Stories about My Life with Parkinson's Disease. Please consider purchasing a copy from or your favorite online book seller. Thank you and have a Happy Parkie Day!


  1. too funny! i must join the chat! i need more laughter.

  2. this is the best Halloween song I've ever heard! Thanks Bev!

  3. Oh My Gosh that was funny!!! My wife who is 52 and diagnosed with parkinsons in 07 showed this to me and it is good to be able to laugh at something that is no laughing matter! Keep up the good work.