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Sunday, July 24, 2011

What Parts of Your Body MIGHT be Affected by Parkinson's disease?

YumaBev's squirrel
Any part of your body you can voluntarily move MIGHT be affected by Parkinson's disease, as well as some parts of your body that move on their own. That doesn't mean they WILL be affected. It all depends on your squirrel in your dashboard. 

(If you are lost right now, read What is Parkinson's? 

An online Parkie friend sums it up very well. She says that we Parkies are all in the same boat, we are just on different lakes. Some folks still have a working boat motor, some are using two oars, some just have one paddle and others are really "up the creek without a paddle." She has a sense of humor, too. It all depends on your particular squirrel, as well as the time of day and how long you have had Parkinson's. 

My day usually starts with a working motor and then settles somewhere between two oars and one paddle. I have been up the creek without a paddle, but it could be worse, I could be in the ocean during a hurricane!

So, what are some of the weird parts that can be affected?  
How about eye lids? Yup, we tend to blink less.  
How about curling toes? Sometimes they really curl under or up, sometimes it just feels like they have and they are perfectly straight.  
How about your bladder? Yes, I said bladder. You know the commercial for men with prostate problems, talking about difficulty starting the stream? It can happen with Parkinson's.  

I know this because it happens to me. I feel like I really need to "go", but can't get it started. So, I used a trick learned from the Alzheimer's people. I hung pictures of waterfalls all over my bathroom walls and it works every time.  Why? It works because a different part of your brain reacts to photos. Just like some Parkies who have difficulty starting to walk, will do fine if they hear music or hum a marching band type song to themselves. Running water in the sink can help, too.

Every day is different with Parkinson's, but by the end of the day, I can always find something to laugh about. I hope you can, too, even if you are NOT a Parkie. 
Yes, this is the Wonderful Husband

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  1. Slurred speak can also be caused by PD, people think I have had a stroke. Cops think I'm drunk or stoned. Depressing sometimes, but I am learning to like your humor. Thanks for writing this. Laura

  2. as for me. every part, I used to look like a human vibrator .. lmbo just sayin' CC

  3. Turn on the water tap and you can have running water to go with the Waterfall photos. Nice post! :-)

  4. Very nice, good to read it again! Thanks Bev! :-)

  5. Thanks for the humor and the tips. Left hand is knocking things over and my speech is getting difficult. Close your ears neighbors I'm going to sing! I'm picking up good vibrations.......... my Parkie's song lol

  6. Thanks for the humor I need it. Most days my Parkinson's feels like the lyrics to Hotel California. Peace to all

  7. Great point of view!

  8. It really does depend on the squirrel in the dashboard, and he often changes daily.

  9. I am a humouress sort of person. Mostly because I spend most of my time looking like I been sneaking a few brandy's (I swear I walked better when I did sneak a few) and I find that laughter and a good sense of humour can get you through all sorts of problems in life. But my ex partner would call me names like retsrd and it's deminished my confidence and self esteem. But I've always said if anyone can handle a piddly little disease with a smile and a joke and a bounce over here it's definitely me. Not once has anything life thrown at me knocked me back. Not even the cat coming home missing his tail!!! I have to add.. I don't like the word parkie. Makes me think of a puffy blue rain Parker your mum would make you wear back in the 70-80's lol ��������

  10. I really appreciate your candor as I'm sure the rest of your followers do as well. I admire your courage.
    Sherrie All, PhD